Conversation to "God"...

God, higher power, supernatural forces, something bigger than you and I, a population of alien super beings, whatever and however you want to define it. Even if you're an atheist, deep down you must know there is something out there that is beyond your own understanding. We humans can't be so conceited to believe that we're it, the top of the cosmic food chain, the only intelligent life form in the entire universe(s).

It doesn't matter. That is not my point. My point has something to do with my own experiences, and they are mine and mine alone. And I just had a ridiculously profound conversation with "god," and an amazing thing happened afterward. The revelations began a few years ago, most rapidly in 2013 when emotionally I felt as if I had hit bottom, even though on the surface I was doing great. Internally, I was a mess, adrift, unfocused and had no idea what I was doing in my life and how I was going to navigate.

It has taken me almost 4 years - a slow enough process but not too "slow" in the grand scheme of things -- to process what had happened and how I would navigate through what I had learned. The learning continues, but the trickling revelations, and the constant messaging continued to unravel me, teach me, and push me to my limits. For that I am grateful. The lessons continue, and the learning will be a lifelong process.


'No, not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me'
There's Only One -
ALL the rest?
Pure idolatry.
How dost I knowest,
my witty N just liege?
I'm aNDE.

AXIOM: God tells U.S. the Truth.
AXIOM: Lucifer lies like a rug.
Make Your Choice -SAW

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