A new fire in the belly

Went out and got myself $100 worth of stuff at Staples. Linen paper, envelopes, clear labels, document mailers, folders, etc. Hey, you can't make that dollar without spending the penny!

Finding an agent is like looking for a headhunter. You've got to have Jazz. And the stuff to show for it. You've got to work on it hard -- drafts after drafts. So much to say, but so few pages. It's just something you need to work on until that one fish bite. All it takes is one fish.

It's also an attitude issue. It's not like: "Hey, I wrote a great book. Any sane agent is going to love it. They'd be stupid not to want to represent me." Yeah, right. Sometimes talent has nothing to do with being published. Can't you see how many authors out there actually cannot write? Getting ahead in the publishing world is about attitude and confidence, and professionalism. No agents or publishers would want to work with someone (especially an unknown) who is arrogant, difficult and unprofessional. It is a business, after all. They want to sell books. They are not trying to make you a superstar (unless you happen to be Stephen King or JK Rowling -- but still, book first, personality second).

More later.


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