Yes, I am rich. Though maybe not in terms of money, but I do believe that I am rich as a person. Because I have compassion. I give back. I volunteer. I send donations. I sponsor a child in Africa. I work with disabled children.

It doesn't make me a saint. Far from it. But at least I don't say "what is mine is mine -- you don't deserve anything because you haven't worked for it."

The thing is, you think this world is full of "equal opportunties" -- well it's not. The guy who makes millions and smokes a cigarette does not have the same "opportunities" as the guy on welfare who smokes a cigarette. Not everyone has an IQ of 125 and above and not everyone was borned in middle-class and not everyone has the same opportunities even if they try. To lump them all up as "ungrateful, unworthy, lazy bums" is naive and cold.

Compassion. That's what this world lacks.


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