Checking off my list...

So here I am again. I totally forgot I had a blog! The last entry was dated April 22, 2004. OMG!

Anyway, reading my previous entries, I noticed I actually posted my 2004 New Year's resolutions. Well, those things are wicked, and they usually don't materialize. It's a good way to keep one motivated, but as far as practical value goes, they're as useful as used paper towels.

However, I'm glad to report that I did manage to accomplish a few things.

#1 I found a publisher. YES! My novel, The Pacific Between, is scheduled to be released Q4, 2005

#2 I did get back to the gym

#3 I didn't finish my second novel yet, but I was 20,000 words closer. And I've started a third one

#4 I did manage to spend more time with my family, including a family trip to Asia

#5 I kept writing and finished two short stories, a bunch of articles

#Bonus I got a regular gig writing a weekly column, reviewing movies: Check it out!


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