love is "i'll wipe your butt and change your diapers when you can't do it yourself."

love is after all the bickering you look forward to the forgiving and making up.

love is waking up at 3 in the morning and checking up on someone so they won't feel alone (even though they're sleeping).

love is "i'll give you both my kidneys if they allow me to."

love is "feeling a connection even when we don't say one word to each other."

love is when you hurt more than the person with cancer...

love is eternal. infatuation is fleeting.

love changes. hopefully for the better and deeper.


Justin said…
Nice blog I really loved the writing on it. I'm very impressed with your book. I read a sample chapter on your web page. Cool Keep up the writing one day I'll have what you have. Thanks
Mac said…
very pensive of you, sweetheart. *G* You just KNOW all the incorrigibles are going to start wondering, though...
Anonymous said…
love is that sweetness, that fulfilment in your heart when you are choosing gifts for her

love is that satisfaction when you can't stop from looking at her (even when she is sleeping)

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