Right on!

This article in Time says a lot of what's on my mind.

I am sick and tired of the spinning and covering up ("Good job" my ass) and damage control, and how people keep saying, "It's not the time to point fingers." Yes, yes, and yes, we should focus on helping people and getting them back on their feet and all that. I totally agree. I'm doing my part.

But yes, LET'S talk about how impotent and uncaring our government was/is during this crisis. Yes, let's talk about how their inaction and apathy killed people. It's not about politics. I would have said the same thing had Clinton or Gore or Kerry been in the White House (I'm not a Democrat, BTW). I feel frustrated that I couldn't even say anything publicly because people will start saying "You're being political -- you are using this to drive a political wedge." No, I am not.

As MLK said, we die the day when we stop telling the truth.

Sadly, "truth" in America is a dying species.

/vent off


I don't think you're being political at all. There was no excuse for the lack of response from our government. I agree with you as well on the point about truth. Lies will kill the soul and the truth will set you free. It's time our government stands up and takes responsibility for its ignorance and mistakes and learn from them.

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