Different kinds of Friends

This is not a rant. This is not bitching. This is not complaining.

Just an observation.

There are different kinds of friends in my life. Better? Worse? Just different. And their differences are even more obvious as I announce my new achievement in publishing a novel after working on it for over four years. Here are the different types of friends:

1. Those who are totally enthusiastic about what goes on in my life, and want very much to be part of that excitement. They'll read my book, first thing in the morning.

2. Those who are happy for me, but they would care less what I do. They may or may not read my book. They may or may not tell me that they read it. They may or may not tell me if they like it. But they're happy for me, nonetheless.

3. Those who are jealous, but they wouldn't say it.

4. Those who are jealous, and they'd say so.

5. Those who wouldn't give a damn. They would never buy my book, never read it, and never think much of it. But they are there for me if I need them.

6. Those who may be #2, #3 or #5 but I'd never know because they never say a thing. The conversation is never brought up, or continued.

7. Those who ask for a free book -- because I am their friend! -- then never return my calls.

Don't worry, my friends. I am not keeping scores. Really. But you know who you are. And I do, too.



Mridu said…
Wow, your friends sound EXACTLY like mine! Except that I'd add one more category-- the writers. They just need a subset of their own. ;)
Unique said…
Oh, man!
Am I glad to see you! I was about to send out the mounties and the St.Bernards.
I know I'm not in #7 category, but I don't see one for me. The friend that's crazy about you, proud of you, and waiting for you to write another book.

Is that category #9? :)
Ray Wong said…
#1? Of course you are #1, Unique! :)
Is this the line to get a #? :D
Welcome back, Ray!
Ray Wong said…
Joanne, you will always be #1 to me.
September said…
(this may post twice - I posted but don't see it)

Do you have a #number for the fan that is also a stalker?
Ray Wong said…
It depends. I have a few numbers of them, but it all depends on the outcome. :)

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