I have been "informed" that I must update this blog or die. I kind of like my petty little life, so I guess I have to do something.

Let's see... oh yeah, I've been trying to write something about the new Superman Returns movie. Not really a review, but about how blatantly Christian Superman is. I mean, good Lord, one has to be blind not to make the connection. Meanwhile, we all talk about how Narnia is a Christian allegory. Hello?


*** don't read on if you haven't seen the movie and you'd like to see it some day... ***

"To the People on Earth, I give you my only son..." Oh, c'mon!

"I hear everything..." Please.

"You said the world didn't need a savior, but every day I hear people asking for one..." Wow, revelation!

"God is someone who flies around in a cape and doesn't share his powers..." Interesting.

And when Superman falls back onto Earth, what is the shape that his body is making?....

Then he dies. Flatlined, actually.

Then he comes back to life again. Better yet, a female comes into the "room" and finds it empty. Superman has risen!

I am just surprised that the church hasn't promoted Superman Returns like they did with Narnia. An American icon + religious symbolism? This is wonderful stuff!


Lori said…

I haven't seen the movie and don't know when or if I do, it probably won't be until it's on DVD, but now I want to see it just to observe the blatancy.
Unique said…
What a shame they couldn't come up with their own plot. :p
ontheperspective said…
Well, actually, the symbolism used in Narnia and in Superman is totally different. Narnia was written based on the Christian belief, and Superman was not. Therefore, Christian readers who read these two books would notice the difference although others may not. It's just like Narnia's about good and evil. Same goes to Snow White. Same goes to Matrix. It's the same thing, but the underlying meaning is totally different.
Ray Wong said…
I am not talking about underlying beliefs or meanings -- Superman is every bit about good vs. evil as Narnia, anyway. I am talking blatant references. Sure, people say that about Matrix, too. I was just surprised no one was saying the same thing about this version of Superman.
Brian Tubbs said…
I agree. The Superman movie really borrows a lot of Christian themes and symbolism.

I think the difference between Narnia and Superman is that Superman had the imagery and the themes - but not the theology. Narnia was more an actual allegory for the biblical story of Christ.

Having said that....I liked both movies. I did think Narnia was better, though.

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