Elevator Music


Barnes & Noble has some of the worst elevator music, I think. Synthesized versions of classic music, or movie soundtracks. They are not so bad except until they keep playing the same tired strings and keyboard stuff, and over a period of time you just want to kill yourself.

At least Starbucks has some cool Jazz, Blues, classic rock and alternative. Panera plays classic music. And Borders have a nice variety, too. At least nothing as pervasive as that at BN.

Am I right, or am I just being cranky?


Jen said…
I really can't say, Ray. The closest Barnes & Noble or Borders are in Tulsa. I have to go an hour to even get to a reasonably decent bookstore and that's either Hastings (they play anything & everything, pretty much) or Waldenbooks in the mall (I haven't noticed any music in there.)
Ray Wong said…
I just thought of it because I was at a BN this afternoon, and they were playing some awful synth music like Swan Lake... I wanted to pull my hair out.
Jen said…
After I posted that last night, I got to thinking about non-bookstores around town. There's one in particular that -- while I love the store -- I don't go to very often for the very reason you're talking about. I guess if you want instrumental movie soundtracks that sound good, you have to pay more for them. *s*
Kanani said…
You're being cranky and you're procrastinating!
Ray Wong said…
No, I was writing! :) I finished a 5000-word short story and wrote about 1000 word on my NIP, despite the fact that I was gritting my teeth at the music.

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