It's Been Ten Years!

Yup, it's been ten years. It was 1998 when I started to have that nugget of a novel in my head and I decided that I wanted to write it. It's been ten years since I took my writing classes at UCLA. And it's been ten years since I started on my first attempt (which was abandoned after the first few chapters). 1998. That was when it all started. I'm proud to say that I've achieved what I set out to do ten years ago -- that is, to finish writing a complete novel. Back then, I had no aspiration of getting published. I didn't even know what it entailed. Heck, I didn't even know if I had what it took. Over the following three years, I let a few ideas stew in my head, never quite followed through. But it all started in 1998.

What would I be saying in 2018?


ORION said…
Thought I'd drop by and say aloha.
What will I be saying in 2018? EEK...
I'm THAT old???!!!
Ray Wong said…
you are not that old. In 2018 maybe you will be saying: "The fifth movie of the series was really good, but I am not writing another one!"

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