United We Stand - Divided We Fall

This country is still divided and not because we differ in opinions and perspectives, but we're demonizing each other and calling each other un-American.

I think the Iraq War was the start of this great divide. Right after 9/11 and even during the Afghanistan War, we were united.

Folks, we are ALL Americans. We all want this country to prosper and thrive and be peaceful and for the people to lead good lives and for our children to have a future. We all want our freedom to choose.

I think the liberals are angry because they feel like they're being left out -- the rich is getting richer, and the poor poorer. Rights are being taken away from them, etc. We're fighting an unjust war and our boys and girls are dying for no reasons. That the Religious right and government are taking away their freedom.

And I think the conservatives are angry because they feel like their way of life is being threatened, their security eroding, and their jobs taken away. And the "other side" just don't know what patriotism is when it bites them in the ass. And that the BIG government is taking away their freedom.

Those of us in the middle may feel like we don't belong anywhere.

While 9/11 united us, the Iraq War divided us.

The fact is, not every conservative wants to take away people's right. And not every liberal wants to hand out free money. We have fought side by side and with each other before for a common cause.

Maybe eventually we'll all find that common cause again, and I just hope it's not another tragedy.


Joe Iriarte said…
Once again, I think you've put it very well. I consider myself a moderate. I used to be a registered independent, and considered myself just right of center. Now I'm a registered Democrat, but I don't feel like I've changed--I feel like the spectrum has moved on me. I feel like the Republican party has moved to an extreme I find very objectionable.

But my point is not to say why Republicans are wrong, but to explain that I still see myself as moderate, and hate all this demonizing I see both sides engaging in. And when people do it, I don't think they realize that they alienate people they think are on their own side. For instance, someone might see me as a Democrat, and think it's safe to bash Republicans around me, but some of the things they say will hit home to me, because I'm not--and most people aren't--a straight-ticket party-line sort of person.

Good job, as always.

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