Breathe In Breathe Out

I love the song (by Mat Kearney) so much that I decided to record my own rendition. The funny thing is I had never heard of the song until a few months ago when I was writing at a Bruegger's. I didn't know it was the theme from Grey's Anatomy, which I've never seen. But the song grabbed me immediately -- It's such a simple, beautiful song with lyrics that speak to me. I kept hearing it and I kept saying, "What is this song?" And then finally I checked it and figured: Hey, I can sing this.

Here it is: Breathe In Breathe Out.


Leon Basin said…
Hey, how are you doing? I love your blog. Hopefully, you and I can speak sometime.
Anonymous said…
So...lets hear it. I personally am waiting to hear your rendition. And I happen to be an important music producer.
Ok, I'm not. I'm just here cause I am bored so entertain me. :-P
Ray Wong said…
LOL, Nancy. Just click on the link and you shall hear it.

Hi, Leon! And thank you!

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