The Inconsistency of Our World

The late George Carlin used to muse about the absurdity of our world -- the inconsistency and contradictions, that's part of his hugely popular acts. Because it's true: our world is full of contradictions:

It's illegal to use marijuana, but it's perfectly legal to sell and buy bongs and stuff made from hemp.

It's illegal to speed, and in some states to use a radar detector, but it's perfectly legal to buy and sell such devices.

It's illegal to make porn (it's considered prostitution) but it's perfectly legal to buy and sell and view them.

There are laws against murders and assisted suicides, but it's not illegal to commit or attempt suicides.

It's not illegal to be gay or engage in consensual homosexual acts, but it's not legal to get married if you're gay.

It's illegal to smoke in public places and restaurants, etc. but it's perfectly legal to buy and sell tobacco products at those same places.

It's your right to be a lousy parent as long as you procreate, but they'll put you through extreme (not to mention costly) scrutiny if you want to adopt someone else's child, even when the parent doesn't want the baby.

It's okay to fuck up a country for 8 years if you're a white Republican President, but if you make a few booboos in less than a month as a young Black Democratic President, you're criticized for being a fraud.

People keep saying "quality over quantity" and yet they buy the same crap over and over again.

People fall in love as quickly as they fall out of love (I guess this one is not a contradiction -- it's actually a constant).

People who eat a big meal and huge dessert while drinking a diet cola.

People who eat right and exercise regularly, then smoke a pack of cigarettes every day.

Writers who proclaim they don't like to read. Or filmmakers who say they hate movies.

Companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy, having to lay of hundreds of thousand of employees, then go and award their executive millions in pay and bonuses.

We need to pass tests and get a license to operate a vehicle, but we don't need anything when buying and using a gun.

Sex with a minor is illegal, but two teenagers having sex with each other is "human nature."


Dawn Colclasure said…
Such a strange, and oftentimes backward, world we live in.

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