It's been a while since I blogged. I've just been busy, traveling, facebooking, tweeting. They're somewhat more interactive than blogs and I feel actually feel like blogs may be a thing of the past. Sure, it's a permanent record of our thoughts, ideas, and adventures, but somehow it's becoming more static, like another website. The journaling aspect of blogging seems to be overshadowed by Twitter and Facebook as the primary purpose has shifted. It used to be that bloggers blogged to update their friends and followers what had been going on in their lives, but with around the clock tweets and Facebook status updates, who reads blogs now?

Maybe I'm just cynical about how quickly technologies replace one another. I used to be the elite few who trumpeted the wonderfulness of Smartphones. But now, it seems like everyone has one, and people are already looking for something else; maybe a PDA that will fold our laundry.

Now, that would be a killer app.


Benjamin Solah said…
I still thinking blogging has relevance. It's a much better format to write longer thoughts than a status update or twitter update.

Which is weird in itself, as blogging used to be compared to a shorter form of writing...
Lori said…
I agree. Blogging still has its place. Not only is it for longer thoughts, it takes more commitment to build an audience.
Dawn Colclasure said…
I, too, agree that blogging still has a place in technology. Maybe not as pervasive as Twitter, etc., but it still serves some kind of purpose for a variety of people.

I hope you will keep this blog and update when possible. :)
Joe Iriarte said…
Hehe . . . I've had a blogging hiatus that coincides almost perfectly with yours. In my case, work just got out of hand, and I had to prioritize. Now I'm trying to wade back in.

I agree with all the other posters here, though. I think blogging serves a purpose that is not well served by facebook and the like. Twitter obviously lends itself to very short content. Facebook is limited primarily to your friends. When I stumbled across your blog, I didn't know you from Adam. But reading through your archive I got to share in your excitement in the process in finally breaking through and getting a novel published, even though I was reading about it well after the fact. That was an enriching experience for me. I hope someday to break through in the same way, and hopefully I'll have people who will get something out of reading my experiences too. I've learned so much about writing an publishing from the blogs I follow, and it'd be gratifying if somebody at some point feels that they learned from me.

Besides allowing you to explore things at greater depth, blogs allow you to touch the lives of strangers, making our world just a little bit smaller.
Ray said…
I think blogging still is relevant for longer thoughts, and FOR THE RECORD. Still, I wonder if it's just another fad that is now overtaken by Twitter or Facebook. After about five years, have "blogs" run their course. How many people actually still read blogs as opposed to getting tweets or facebook updates?

I do think it's still a viable venue for self expressions, news, interactivity, etc. but I think it's now stuck somewhere between a website and Twitter.

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