Components of a novel

To me, these are the components of fiction, regardless of length:

- grammar
- sentence structures
- composition
- structure
- techniques such as foreshadowing, mirrors, dramatic irony, cliffhanger, etc.

- characters
- settings
- plot
- subplot
- scenes
- exposition/introspection
- dialogue
- narrative/prose
- descriptions

- themes
- conflicts
- resolutions
- intrigue
- suspense
- mystery
- emotions (horror, sadness, joy, dread, yearning, love, hate, etc.)
- relationships
- techniques
- pace
- voice
- style
- messages/lessons... "the moral of the story is...

The techniques and tangibles are easier to master in the craft of fiction writing. The intangibles are the most difficult to get it right, and there's really no definition of what is "right."

How do you put it all together? Well, that's the art part of the process, isn't it?


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