It Just Isn't Your Day....

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it just isn't your day. You may try as hard as  you want, but the planetary alignment just isn't in your favor. Fate vs. free will?  I think sometimes fate really does win out.

Like today. Just as I was fed up with an equity that hasn't been doing well lately and so I sold it for a small loss (and I checked all the indicators including the number of interest, trading volumes, trends and news -- all pointing to an unfavorable place). Within 30 minutes, the stock rebounded and instead of losing 2%, it gained 3%. WTF?  It is as baffling as any LOST episode.

(Oh, and I also missed a Macy audition because I wasn't aware of it until the last minute, and I looked like crap -- my eyes are all swollen from allergies this morning.)

Then there are days when I would sit in front of the computer and nothing creative will come out. Nothing. Dry. Empty. And as hard as I try, I would just end up giving myself a migraine.

On those days, it's better to just relax and sit back and forget about it.  Life's too short, but the day is long.  There's no reason to dwell on things we have absolutely no control over.

Free will sometimes must take a backseat while fate takes over.

It's okay.  Everything will turn out just fine.


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