I have exactly two months before I MUST finish with the first draft of the WIP.

And I'm on vacation. Great timing.

Of course, one could say, "you can still write while on vacation!" Of course, of course. No one is stopping me but myself, but here's the thing, I needed this vacation. It's good for my body, mind, and soul, and I don't want to sabotage that effort by shoehorning work into the schedule. It beats the purpose, I believe.

After about four days into my vacation, I do feel more relaxed, recharged, and a bit more focused. And I've had four days to think about how I'm going to approach the final act of the WIP. I already had part of it written. I was reading it again to prep myself, and I still liked what I'd written so far. In fact, at one point I got rather emotional and I had to close the file. It seems like an awfully egotistical thing to say... but you know what, if we don't like what we do, then we can't expect other people to like it either. I don't think it's about ego; it's more about have pride in our own accomplishments.  If the thing is crap, I'd be more than eager to own up to it. And trust me, as I re-read the WIP, I saw parts of it that really was crap, and I couldn't WAIT to go back and excise or rewrite them.

Right now, though, I need to regain my momentum and keep forging on. I have exactly two months to finish this darn thing, and I'm determined to do just that.

I've already self-banned myself from the writers' site I frequent. I'm also limiting my time on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. And my vacation will be over in just another few days. I'm eager to get back to "work."


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