The Hermione Syndrome

Of all the characters in the Harry Potter books, I think I identify with Hermione the most. Not that I'm a cute, short witch (or maybe I am), nor am I in love with Ron Weasley, but I've always been the perpetual Know-It-All and teacher's pet. I was far from being the brightest and hardest-working students in my class, but I sure "knew it all." My teachers liked me enough to tolerate my big mouth, and my classmates believed I did know it all, and they often came to me for answers. Little did they know...

As an adult, that side of me never really goes away. I just suppress it. Well, as much as I can, at least in real life. The Internet, however, began to unleash my inner Hermione way back when I started using it -- WAY WAY back (some of you may remember Relay and Usegroups on the mainframe as well as BBSes back in the 90s). The year is now 2011, and that hasn't really changed. I frequent a couple online forums and I believe my Hermioneism rings loud and clear.

I know this know-it-all aspect of my personality can be a big turnoff, but I can't help it. So instead of fighting it now, I simply embrace it. Hey, if you don't like me for who I am, that's okay. There are plenty of people in the world.

With this know-it-all side of my personality comes the "I told you so" habit. Again, I try to bite my tongue most of the time, but deep down you know I love to say that.

One of these "I told you so" moments came last year. For a few years now, I've been telling people eBooks would prevail and become a mainstay. Many people -- writers included -- told me they would NEVER read eBooks, and they would NEVER shell out $250 for an eBook reader. They were very sure about that. "No way would I pay that much for an eBook reader when I could get a printed book for $6.99. And who would want to read a bunch of dots on a screen when they can hold a real book?"

Well?  The year is 2011 and eBook sales are about to eclipse that of print, and eBook readers such as Kindle and Nook are selling like hotcakes, arguably some of the most wanted things during the holiday season. Every day I hear more and more people converting to eBooks -- people who only two years ago said "I would NEVER buy an eBook reader or read eBooks."

I nod and smile. Deep down, I'm saying, "I told you so."

The same went with the iPad.  Before it came out last April, I kept telling people it would become one of the hottest, trendsetting items in the world. But no, people were saying, "Who wants an oversized iPhone?"  That included electronic makers. They brushed off the iPad as a novel idea. They waited for Apple to fail. They thought, "It's neither a laptop or a smartphone. Who would want to pay $500 for such a thing?"  Well, people who don't want a laptop or a smartphone, that's who.  And so far the Apple has sold over 7 million iPads in 8 months and it's projected to sell at least 20 million a year by 2012. And now everyone from DELL to SONY are rushing to come out with their own tablets.

I told you so.

This week there was this new user on a writing forum I visit from time to time. The user barged in, posted a ton of questions, and was being overtly belligerent when responding to others. I told someone, "I'll give this person 24 hours."   Lo and behold, that user was temporarily banned the next day.

I told you so.

I know, I know. But I can't help it. I'm usually right.

OK, you must really hate me now, or think I'm insufferable.

I told you so!


Trisha said…
LOL, I will probably end up with all this crap, but I still don't want it. I don't even want an iPhone. OMG. what's wrong with me? Eh, my eyeballs are sore enough without having to read off a tiny screen.

But I'll come back and leave a comment when I've changed my mind so you can say you told me so :D
June Kramin said…
You always told it like it was, Ray. One of the qualities I always loved about you. I wouldn't have it any other way. *smooch* I came to you for help several times - I knew you knew the answer & would give me a honest opinion.
I didn't doubt e-readers would succeed - I just didn't think I'd have one. I try to never say never. My shoes don't taste as good as they look! ;)
Ray Wong said…
Trisha, you will come to the dark side, sooner or later. I told you so <--- preemptive strike.

June: XOXO

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