Combining Story Ideas

Now that I'm done with the current WIP (I'm still tweaking, but I'm getting better at leaving it alone), I need to get the next book going.

I did the NaNo thing in November and got 8000+ words down, but it turns out not the story I want to write. So I'm abandoning it for the time being, and may never come back to it.

However, I currently have two story ideas that I think may work very well together as ONE single book.

The first is kind of a road trip story that I've been thinking about for the last few years. It's also based on a short story I wrote a couple of years ago. But it alone isn't enough for a feature novel.

My second idea is set in Hollywood in the 1940s. It has intrigue, glamor, and larger-than-life characters. Yet again it alone isn't enough for a feature novel.

So my idea now is to combine the two, using the road-trip as a frame story (or the outer story, since it's not really just a frame). I think it may work. But I'm not sure.

Should I go ahead and write it? I'm afraid I'll be 8000 words in and find out it's not something I want to write.  I hate to waste time and words. On the other hand, I probably won't know until I actually start writing.

Decision. Decision.


MH Ruley said…
Write. The. Book.
Trisha said…
I'm a wee bit jealous that you're mostly done with your WIP revisions ;)

I can't wait till that's the case for me!
Ray Wong said…
I'm done. I'm just tweaking so I have to put a stop to it. I'm brainstorming the new book now.
June Kramin said…
Go for it, Rawo. It sounds cool. You never know until you try. If you have to force it it obviously won't work but you never know till you give it a shot. Words are never wasted. It may trigger something that could start something new all together! (That's the ab school of writing. ;) )
Ray said…
Thanks AB. Getting started is difficult because I'm such an over-thinker... I want to know where I'm going with this before I write a single word!

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