Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, 9/11 happened. The world changed, at least for us Americans.

But that's not what I want to talk about. This is, after all, a writing blog.

Ten years ago, I decided I should take my writing seriously. I decided to pursue my goal as a professional writer.

Since then, I've completed two novels, one of which was published in 2006. I've written a couple dozens of short stories, and published a few. I now have two blogs, and have published almost 400 movie reviews.

I'm not bragging. In fact, that's not really much of a resume considering ten years have passed. However, my point of posting these "accomplishments" is to prove that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish what you set out to do. And it's a work of progress. I haven't published my Twilight or Harry Potter, yet. Now that I have accomplished my goal of getting published, my next goal is to achieve international success in this career. It's not just a dream anymore. It's a goal.  It may take me another ten or twenty years, but I will accomplish that goal.

I've set my mind to it.  Like a heat-sensing missile.



June Kramin said…
Hope you do it, RaWo... just remember us little people when you get there :)
Ray said…
No worries. But 20 years from now I may not remember anything at all.

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