Random Musing... About Life and Such

I'm trying to avoid everything Christmas... LOL I'm such a Grinch.  But while chatting with my best friend about the holidays, I stumbled upon an interesting topic...

It's funny that my best friend should mention time and friendship/relationships. While it's true that some friends just fell by the wayside (and possibly they weren't really good friends to begin with -- or they have their own things going on...), it's also true that some friends remain the same after years and years. I mean, sometimes you haven't seen someone for 20 years and you see them again, and it's as if no time had passed. Like my best friend and me... sometimes we have a hard time remembering when we saw/talked to each other last! Was it a year ago? Two years ago? I mean, we've known each other for almost 25 years and it doesn't seem like that long.

Maybe time really isn't a factor when you really connect with someone. Otherwise, it's not meant to be and is superficial anyway.

I think we're always just wrapped up with the "now," or that we feel if we don't hold on to something or someone, they will be gone forever. It's human nature. It's hard to let go of attachments. It's all about fear -- the fear of rejection; the fear of loss; the fear of not measuring up; the fear of being exposed or the pain of separation or not having something (now). Fear of losing control, or a future beyond our control. The more we're attached to something, the more we want to hold on to it, not understanding that if something is meant to be, time doesn't matter. We're a culture of "now" -- instant gratification. When we say "we want to take things slow, get to know each other better" what we mean is "let's get married in 3 months." Either we're lovers now or never! The same goes with other endeavors such as a writing career, money, fame, etc.

But remember, legacies are not built overnight. In fact, most "legacies" are built over a lifetime.

And then you hear stories about people in love with each other for decades before they had a chance to get together... you wonder, wow! How does that work? (Have you read the book or seen the movie One Day? It made me sob like a little girl) In a way, that's what my current novel is about: the undying love that lasts a lifetime even after a decades-long separation....

Interesting how life imitates fiction sometimes.


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