God is one of us

I believe God is within EACH and EVERY one of us -- we are created in God's image.

God is everything and nothing.

God is not a person -- it's not a He or a She. God doesn't have a white beard and sit on a throne. God doesn't have a son. God is one of us. God is all of us.

God does not love. God is love.

God is creation and destruction. From creation comes destruction. And from destruction comes creation. It's God's truth. Without nothing you can't experience everything. Without darkness you can't experience light. Without hate you can't experience love. Without destruction you can't experience creation.

We are here to experience God, through our own truths, through each other, through the universe in which we exist.

Jesus was God. And so are you. So am I. The only difference is, Jesus connected with his Godliness and remembered and told us the truth. Similarly, Buddha did the same.

Your mission on Earth is not to suffer, obey or be smothered by guilt. Your mission on Earth is to find the truth, experience and create. Your mission on Earth is to be love. Your mission on Earth is to experience God, to connect with God, to remember you're God. God is one. God is all.

Don't say "Jesus loves me/you" and then go out and persecute others for whatever reason. Love your neighbor. Love your enemies. Love yourself. Love. We are all part of God.

Love is the highest truth. Love is unconditional. Love is everything. Love does not know gender, race, age, sexual orientation, intelligence... love is love -- the way to know God. However, without hate, prejudice and fear, we can't fully experience love. Without nothing, we don't know everything.

Don't underestimate your power. You have the power to change this world. You have the power -- either as one or as a collective -- to manifest and create any reality. That's because, we are part of God.


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