I tend to push everything to the last minute. I strive for deadlines. I find that I work better and more efficiently when I'm on a deadline. Why spend 50 hours doing the same thing when I can do it in 2 under pressure, right?


Anonymous said…
Hey Raymond. I was surfing the net, and i decided to see if there was a website with my name in it. And it came to your web site. That's so cool! My Name is Raymond Wong, i live in minnesota, and I act in my Highschool plays, and i took a creative writing course last semester. It's funny how much we have in common. Because i found another person with my name, I am gonna go and find your book and read it. Who knows, we might even have similar writing styles. Well, it was cool finding someone with the same name as me. Well. Later Ray!
Julia said…
I procrastinate, too. I've always found that I seem to work better under pressure. I'm not so sure about it anymore, though. It worked when I was in school, but now it just worsens my anxiety. People encourage me to get it done early, and then I'll have free time afterwards. They're so right. I just need to apply it.

btw, this is Julia from AW> :o)
Mac said…
It just makes my stomach hurt to procrastinate for very long. Then I get all anxious. Then I get depressed and overwhelmed, and never DO get anything done, so I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the couch eating popcorn and watching DVDs with all the lights off.
Ray Wong said…
Oh you guys are great. Thanks for your comments! I am a master procrastinator. But I do work "well" under pressure. It's probably my flaw as well as my strength, depending on how you look at it.

Cheers, and hope you get things done! Haha!

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