Another thought

A friend of mine, Paul, had a stroke about 4 weeks ago, and so far he hasn't made too much progress toward recovery, and his doctors might be giving up soon if he doesn't improve... and that means he may stay in this state for the rest of his life.

That makes me immensely sad.

The vibrant, fun-loving, wonderful guy I know might be gone forever, but his body will still be here, lingering, merely a shell, reminding us what he used to be. And he's going to leave behind his family and his loved ones, struggling every day to cope with the aftermath.

That makes me immensely sad.

Life is so cruel sometimes, but it serves as a reminder for the rest of us that we really have to cherish every moment, be it a simple summer afternoon or a special occasion with the people we love. Make memories. Because at the end, that's the most precious thing we have: memories.

My thoughts are with my dear friend Paul. And I hope you would say a prayer for him as well.


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