Podcast, anyone?

I've been thinking of making some podcasts. My initial thought was to podcast a couple of my radio interviews, but I haven't had a chance editing the audio files yet. Lately, though, I've also been thinking of doing a periodic radio podcast in concordance with this blog. Perhaps a few readings, some thoughts and observations -- that sort of things. Maybe some of my musical recordings.

I welcome any suggestions. Leave me a comment.



Kappa no He said…
Madderblue from AW forums. (halfway through The Pacific Between!)

I would listen. I would! Now that I have a laptop in my dining/living room and can hear news while I cook, clean, nap I'm really interested in the whole podcast thing.

The blogging phenomenon is new to me as well. Do you mind if I link yours to mine? Oh dear, what is the lingo?!

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