As much as I don't like to admit it, fan mail is nice. I know I don't need external sources of validation, but in a way, it's not about validation. It's about reaching out and fulfilling the goal of being a storyteller. We write for readers, and when our readers appreciate our work, it's a great feeling.

I just received this email, and it made my day:

I started to read your book. And guess what...I couldn't put it down!!! I stayed up until 3 or 4 a.m. reading it (taking breaks along the way of course so as not to strain my eyes.)

Let me just say, it was magnificent! It definitely was a lot better than I thought that it would be. It will truly appeal to readers who find characters fascinating and who prefer character development, dialogue, and internal conflict over action, franatic movement and gratuitous violence, sex or sensationalism.

Anyway...I also found the book to be very edifying... After reading your book, though, I think I know what I need to do. I am going to focus on reality and not the fantasy that I've been concocting in my mind.

So...thanks so much for writing your book!!! I really got a lot out of the experience of reading it!!

Please press on with your next novel!!! I can't wait to read it!

~ Regina


September said…
Fan mail is great! I loved it when I worked at the newspaper. It made my day.

Regina said some nice things - and I agree with her.

Can't wait for your next book!
Ray Wong said…
Thanks :) I am working on it.
Zonk said…
That e-mail is one I hope to receive someday, LOL.

Felt great, didn't it?

Wil said…
But, darn it all, I like gratuitous sex.
Ray Wong said…
I figured you would, Wil. ;)
Bhaswati said…
I wanted to send you an email (or would that be fan mail, lol) for my views on your book. But then I decided to make you a very happy man.

This is to tell you I enjoyed your book thoroughly. Thanks for taking me on a trip to Hong Kong. I enjoyed the sights, learned a lot about the culture of the place, and absolutely loved the food (yes, you did a terrific job of describring the edible delights). Thanks for telling a wonderful story with such endearing characters to take it forward. Thanks, too, for making it so worthwhile in the end.

~ Sury
Ray Wong said…
Hi Sury... *blush*

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