Brain Fart

Yeah, one of those. Like how in the morning I would press my toothbrush, instead of a razor, against my chin trying to shave. Or how I would put deodorant on my hair thinking it was hair gel... Zombieland usually exists up until, um, noon. I don't like drinking coffee either, so to me, it's like "please don't talk to me because I am currently both groggy and evil, not a good combination at all." So, if you ever see me online before noon, just say "hi" and get out of my way because I'd hate for you to think I'm a jerk. Well, you probably think I am a jerk already but there's no need to add fuel to the fire.

Ray, writing this at 5:45 PM PDT.


paintbrushpoet said…
Hiya Ray--congrats on your IP award! That's so cool!
I miss everybody at AW, still having withdrawal. I hope we are back up soon.
I have been working on my blog and making friends there.
I hate this for Jenna's sake, all that anger.
Ray Wong said…
AW will be back and better!
September said…
Hi Ray - notice that I waited till evening to say hello. I wouldn't dare approach you this morning. LOL

But honestly, a razor to your teeth instead of a toothbrush? Ouch! And deodorant for hair gel? Well, in There's Something About Mary, I do remember something else being used as hair gel. So, I guess deodorant is not so bad.
Unique said…

When AW has it's national get together we should be room mates.

My personal warning: 'Please, in the interest of your health, don't speak to me before coffee.'

We can be jerks together - great fun!
It's 2:44 P.M. Saying hello and running even if it is afternoon. Good to see you, and love the toothbrush on the chin shave. Hehe!
P.S. You're not a jerk!
Ray Wong said…
You're biased, Jo. :)

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