It's a beginning, stupid

You know, as much as I am impatient about progress and achievements (it's a personality flaw -- can't help it), there's not denying that there's certain excitement about the start of career I am going through. The freshness, jittery and nervousness that go with taking the first steps could be intimidating yet extraordinary, to know that I'm going to embark on something new and who knows how long the ride will last. The train has just pulled out of the station. Destinations could be miles away, but I'm just gaining speed. It's nerve-racking, but exciting at the same time.

I must admit that I had a good start. Not everything I had dreamed of, because I dream big, but the truth is that it's not half-bad either. I should be grateful and happy, and I am.

Besides, I have friends, those who support me and cheer me on.

I am a lucky bastard.


September said…
You lucky bastard, you!
But, watch out for those fast trains - wouldn't want one to jump the tracks.
Glad things are exciting for you.
I'll always be out here in California cheering you on and waiting for your next book.
paintbrushpoet said…
I think what you have done is awesome and you are a great role model for us who struggle on!
Ray Wong said…
I am a lucky bastard to have friends like you.

Thank you.
You've had a wonderful beginning, Ray. Keep up the great work. Your next journey will take you closer to your "big" dream. ;)
Ray Wong said…
Thanks Joanne. And it's so nice to see your smile again.
Dama Negra said…
You're so lucky!! When is the book hitting the shelves in Mexico, huh? I wanna read it! :)
Ray Wong said…
Probably never. :P You may have to make a trip to the US.

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