Thinking of them...

I was a little sick in the past few days and I slept quite a bit, and had a lot of dreams. For some reason, I got really nostalgic in my dreams -- many people from my past appeared in the dreams and many lost opportunities to get to know them better ... it was very bitter-sweet, except when I woke up I got really sad and I just crawled back in bed and thought maybe I was dying and now my past was playing back like a movie. And I realized, in the past few years I haven't really fully engaged the people in my life as much as I did in my 20s, because I was afraid that one day they would be gone, just like the people in my life in my 20s, and I will just wake up one day a lonely old man with nothing but his memories. As I looked out the window and watched the street lamps flickering in the early morning mist, I'm I am so eager to see my parents again, and soon they, too, will be just part of my memory. And I should cherish every moment I have with them.


sammyray said…
This entry is sad but true. Time slips by and, in the end, our subconscious memories are all that remains.

Hopefully we can continue to make new friends and form stronger, longer-lasting relationships so that we do not end up alone at the end of our life.

I will be your friend :)
Ray Wong said…
Thanks! I like making new friends. :)

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