Friday, June 9, 2006

It's a beginning, stupid

You know, as much as I am impatient about progress and achievements (it's a personality flaw -- can't help it), there's not denying that there's certain excitement about the start of career I am going through. The freshness, jittery and nervousness that go with taking the first steps could be intimidating yet extraordinary, to know that I'm going to embark on something new and who knows how long the ride will last. The train has just pulled out of the station. Destinations could be miles away, but I'm just gaining speed. It's nerve-racking, but exciting at the same time.

I must admit that I had a good start. Not everything I had dreamed of, because I dream big, but the truth is that it's not half-bad either. I should be grateful and happy, and I am.

Besides, I have friends, those who support me and cheer me on.

I am a lucky bastard.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Brain Fart

Yeah, one of those. Like how in the morning I would press my toothbrush, instead of a razor, against my chin trying to shave. Or how I would put deodorant on my hair thinking it was hair gel... Zombieland usually exists up until, um, noon. I don't like drinking coffee either, so to me, it's like "please don't talk to me because I am currently both groggy and evil, not a good combination at all." So, if you ever see me online before noon, just say "hi" and get out of my way because I'd hate for you to think I'm a jerk. Well, you probably think I am a jerk already but there's no need to add fuel to the fire.

Ray, writing this at 5:45 PM PDT.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Iris Change Memorial Essay

A friend of mine from California just sent the following to me. As you may know, Iris Chang was an Asian-American, author of the best-selling book "Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of WWII." A few years ago, Chang took her own life because of depression, leaving her young child behind. My friend attended her funeral and was very touched by the experience. Chang's book is a very powerful read.

To Whom It May Concern:

We wish to inform you that Iris Chang Memorial Fund is holding the First Iris Chang Memorial Essay Contest. Iris Chang Memorial Fund was established in memory of Iris Chang, author, historian and human right activist. The Fund is committed to carrying out her unfinished dreams and preserving her legacy. The purpose of the essay contest is to raise the awareness of the importance of the remembrance of history. The essay will be in line with Iris Chang's spirit and passion in seeking the truth and justice and defending human rights.

The essay contest will be held annually by announcing a specific topic each year. The topic for the 2006 Iris Chang Memorial Essay Contest is on the theme of "How has Iris Chang's book, The Rape of Nanking: the Forgotten Holocaust of WWII, affected my life and thinking?" The deadline of the submission will be July 31.

Anyone can submit an essay but the language of the text must be English only. The essay must be original and has not been published before and no more than 2,500 words.

The three best essays will be selected for the 1 st, 2nd and 3rd prizes among the participants. The essays will be judged by a panel of established writers. The award for the 1 st prize is $1,000, the 2nd $500 and the 3rd $250, in addition, several honorable mentions will be awarded with $50 each.

Please submit essays to Iris Chang Memorial Essay Contest, P. O. Box 641324, San Jose, CA 95164. The essay can be submitted electronically via email to Please include name, occupation, mailing address and e-mail address and telephone number(s).

For more information of Iris Chang Memorial Fund as to the mission, goals, educational programs, a brief biography of Iris Chang and the detailed ground rules of the essay contest, please go to the link:

Thank you for your attention. Since the deadline is July 31, your help in promoting the contest is greatly appreciated. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Essay Contest Committee
Iris Chang Memorial Fund