Ray's Rules for Life

- Love what you do
- Do what you love
- Life is too short to be stuck in a rut
- Have fun; what is life if you're not having fun with it?
- We all die alone, so make yourself happy first
- You are not who other people say you are
- Only you know who you really are
- Do your best, and the rest will come
- Never fall in love with a married person
- It's really so much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
- Break rules, but not until you know the rules first
- Take risks, if you really want something so badly -- go for it
- Life is all about experiences -- so do you have them?
- Love is a boomerang


Carpe Diem said…
Indeed, my friend, indeed.
Sara Spock said…
But I'm so lovable! :-) Great list.
Ray Wong said…
But you are... but you are. ;)
Joanne said…
I love your list. I think I've already broken most of your rules. One day when I'm out of my rut I'll see if I can follow them.
Ray Wong said…
Just do it, Jo. :)

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