Four Years

It's hard to believe I've been blogging for over four years.  This blog started in December 2003 - I hadn't even finished the first draft of my first novel yet.  

Back then, not a lot of people knew about "blogs" and I guess I was one of those pioneers. Well, not that it means anything. No one reads this blog anyway. 

Still, I'm fascinated by the stuff I wrote about, my navigation through the publishing process, and how I've changed in about five years. I sure hope I've become a better writer and blogger. It's also amazing how much has changed. I started out as a total newbie, trying to finish writing my first novel with no idea if I would ever get published. And now, not only have I achieved that goal, I've also met so many other writers -- some are starting out just like I was, and some are well-established and on their way to great things. It's rather inspiring.

In the process of reorganizing my blog (I just love this "label" feature), I've fallen in love with the blog again. It's nostalgic to read through my thoughts and experiences in the past four and half years. It's been an incredible self-discovery. I'm so glad I started this blog way back when.


ORION said…
Hey I read your blog!!!! I don't often comment as I really can get into a time suck that way but yeah I read it...
I love looking at my blog over the months and seeing the progress.
Oh yeah.
It's time to get back to work.
Ray Wong said…
Work! That's a dirty four-letter word.

Aloha and much love and best wishes! I've heard that little book called LOTTERY is doing quite well.

Joe Iriarte said…
Hey, cheer up. Nobody reads my blog either. ;)
JJ Cooper said…
I read your Blog too, Ray.

Ray Wong said…
And I read yours, guys. Thanks for the support.
Carpe Diem said…
This blog is incredible. It has helped ME a lot. You often seem to wonder the same things I think about, and you often help me out with the tons of writing issues I find everyday. I'm a newb in all this writing business (and will be for quite some more time), and you and your blog are like some kind of guide to me throughout the whole process. So thanks and congratulations!
Ray Wong said…
I'm glad you find this blog enlightening and helpful! IT makes me happy.

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