Let's Talk about Work

I don't generally talk about my WIP because I consider it a private matter, as long as I'm still working on it.  Then again, it seems rather silly. This is, after all, a writer's blog. If I can't talk about my work as a writer, what can I talk about?  Birds and bees?

Somehow I think the more people know about what I'm writing, and what struggles I'm going through, they'll be less inclined and intrigued to read my book (once it's finished).  On the other hand, wouldn't it actually pique their interest? Unless the story truly is a dreck.  And it's not like I'm writing a thriller -- the plot twists aren't really secrets.

Anyway, I'm currently writing two alternative plot threads following both my protagonists. I've come to a point where the plot line involving the internment camp is done. Back to my heroine. She's now in Singapore, working as a cook in a brothel. I wonder if it's too clichéd, though.  A brothel in time of war?  I know there were lots of brothels and it was a realistic portrayal of the times, but still -- another story about a brothel during the Pacific War?  But I'm going with it -- what else am I going to do?  A shoe factory?  It just doesn't have the same dramatic gravity I'm looking for.

I'm still not sure where and how I can place the supernatural elements in this story. They're important, but they also seem out of place in the context of the story. It's basically a drama set in the real world, and I'm not exactly sure where the supernatural elements come into play, and if the rules hold up without making this into a high fantasy. The story still has to be based on reality. So that's something I continue to struggle.

Meanwhile, I really believe in my characters. They're flesh and blood, real people to me, and they're telling me stories about themselves that make me feel excited, elated, or sad. I hope I can do them justice by telling their stories the best I can and make the readers care for them as well.  At least they're the reason I'm still moving forward. I desperately want to tell their stories.


BClark said…
In my humble opinion there is a lot of fantasy in every day life. Our daydreams, our hopes, etc
Joe Iriarte said…
Sounds kinda like you're writing Magical Realism--and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

I've been going through the same thing with my own blog. I'm relatively new to blogging, and I imagined myself putting up excerpts like you have. Now I look back over my posts of the last four months or so and realize I've said precious little about my actual plotline. Maybe now as I begin to revise I'll start to open up a bit more.
Ray Wong said…
Joe, I find it hard to talk about plot line or characters while I'm still in draft phase. It's not like I try to be secretive but I just feel like I don't want to talk about anything that is half-baked. At the same time, I kind of like the idea of giving out some teasers. ;)
Carpe Diem said…
Yes! WWII? Magical realism? I have to know more!

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