How Much Ham Is in a Sandwich?

So, here was this guy working at a local Bruegger's. And it went like this:

Me: I'd like a sesame softwich with ham, please.
Guy: (takes the soft bagel, cuts it in half, and puts down two pieces of ham. Then stops. Waits.)
Me: Um, and lettuce and tomatoes.
Guy: (puts some lettuce on it and two slices of tomatoes. Waits.)
Me: (notices there are only two pieces of ham) And some mayo
Guy: (squirts mayo all over one half of the bagel. Waits.)
(Supervisor walks behind guy, checks out the sandwich, whispers into the guy's ear. Walks away.)
Guy: (looks at sandwich for a good five seconds. Counts the number of ham. Ding, ding, ding. Puts four more pieces of ham on TOP of the tomatoes. Waits.)
Me: That's all.
Guy: (takes about a minute to wrap up the sandwich. Struggles with paper wrapper. Finally finishes wrapping it. Squiggles the letter "H" on it. Waits another three seconds. Squiggles a square around the letter "H." Waits.) Did I give you cheddar cheese?
Me: No, but thanks.
Guy: (hands me sandwich.)
Me: Thank you!

So was I being a bastard not to correct him, that there were supposed to be six pieces of ham in the sandwich and not two? That I let his supervisor caught him screwing up?

I don't know. I just found it extremely entertaining. The guy was so stoned. He had those really glazed eyes and unpliable facial expressions. I wonder if his colleagues even noticed he showed up at work high. It was hilarious.

But yeah, the sandwich was good.


Joe Iriarte said…
How much ham is in a sandwich? An inch, says I.

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