The Elephant in the Room

Steelworkers leader spoke at AFL-CIO:

"I won't vote for Obama.... because he is black."

I just don't understand that kind of thinking, but I guess you will have to be in that generation to understand it. Our parents' generation hate blacks. Our generation still hates gay people. It will take another generation to get over all that.. to break all the glass ceilings. But I'm happy to see the change for more acceptance.

I mean I can be "racist" sometimes too, especially when I see consistent bad behaviors from any groups that just irritate and baffle me. But I am also able to see through all that stereotypes and treat each person differently. I have friends and colleagues of all colors and I get along with them without even thinking of their races. Maybe it has something to do with me being a minority in the US as well, but never did I look at Obama and say to myself, "I can't vote for him -- he's black." It's not even in my nature to do that. I look at him and I see a man of intelligence, ideas, and a passion. And I go by that, and definitely not the color of his skin.

When 30% of Hillary Clinton's Democratic supporters (and I assume most of them are white) said they would rather vote for McCain or stay home than vote for Obama, something is wrong. But no one would admit that race is an issue. The elephant is so huge in the room that no one wants to see it. It's 2008, folks, get over your racial prejudices and think about what is best for the country. If you clearly prefer McCain's policies and records and abilities, than by all means vote for him. But if you're not voting for Obama simply because of his race, then I think you have some serious soul searching and education to do.


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