I fear...

that the our new president (whoever he is) is not interested in leading but only in winning, that he is clueless about how to fix and change America and inspire Americans to grow up and take responsibilities and become less complacent about the world and being more competitive and better educated,

that he is going at foreign policies in all the wrong ways as our current president is doing,

that he would continue the wasteful, irresponsible, corrupt ways of the government, and everyone is either going to follow or become extremely angry with one another,

that he will continue to divide the country with fear and hate and exclusions -- "if you're with us, you're against us" -- and an unwillingness to embrace the future or to take us to the moon (figuratively speaking) once again,

that he will lead America to continue on a downward path and spell the doom for America as the strongest, best country in the 21st century as other countries such as China are making strides, where our children can't compete in the global workplace, where our citizens don't have decent homes, jobs, healthcare and lives, that our military is stretched too thin and demoralized and ineffective and under-equipped and without great allies,

that Americans will once again lose hopes in their leadership and feel aimless and purposeless.

I love this country too much to want that to happen. And I'm going to do my part come November 4 to make sure at least we're on the right path again. No guarantees. Just a promise that we may be able to keep.


ChrisEldin said…
I heard on CNN something that wasn't meant to be a joke, but it sounded funny with just a bit of tweaking... If you're racist, sexist, or ageist, there's nowhere to turn. Well, I'm sure there's a joke in there.

I'm not so cynical yet. I really have high hopes for Obama.
Ray Wong said…
If you're racist, sexist, or ageist, there's nowhere to turn -- but you can see Russia from where you stand.


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