It's been a while

Yeah, I don't know what happened. I guess I was too busy doing something else (or nothing), but I haven't updated this blog for, what, like a month now?

And what happened to my 500-word-a-day challenge, you ask. Sadly, the answer: I've fallen off the wagon.

The good news is, I'm picking myself up again. My beta sent me an email last week asking me WhereTF my stuff was. I guess it was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed. Yesterday, I added about 600 words to the WIP. I'm still stalling a bit, since I'm not sure exactly how the next plot element should unfold. I have like six or seven scenarios playing out in my head. I just need to pick up and write it.

But I'm "this" much closer to getting PART 2 done, and PART 3 could practically write itself. LOL. So, I am hoping I can have the first draft done by the start of the summer. I hope!


Joe Iriarte said…
Off again, on again. I know the feeling. I'm trying to be on again right now, but the day job is making that a challenge!
Ray Wong said…
Yeah... let's egg each other on, shall we?
Joe Iriarte said…
Sounds like a plan. *grin*

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