Fall 2010

Fall of 2010 turned out to be a really good period in my professional life. I really can't complain, even though sometimes my funks got in the way (you know, the usual "everything I do is shit" or "nobody likes me").

I've had four acting/modeling gigs since October. Not only they were great for my wallet, they were also great exposure as the products start to show up. For example, the medical commercial I did in October is starting to get me noticed (because, truthfully, I really do look like a doctor -- Grey's Anatomy, when are you folks going to call?) And now I'm in LA shooting a movie with Tyrone Power Jr. It's been really fun.

On the writing side, I finished the first draft of my novel in September and did four drafts since then. I also got my query in a good shape. I feel so much better now, about this whole process. I only need to hear back from my betas and finish with my "final" draft, and then I'll be off with the chase.

So, in general, I feel okay about these past few months. I've had my ups and downs, and serious self-doubts. I've had days when I felt like everything was crap. But over all, I feel good about things. And I'm ready to take on the world.


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