I've been coerced, bribed, threatened, suckered... into participating in NaNoWriMo this year. For those who are not familiar with it: Every november, a bunch of crazy writers get together (virtually, of course -- there isn't a place crazy big enough to house them all) and write every day, for the whole month. The goal is to write at least 50,000 words in 30 days -- that comes to 1667 words a day.

Doesn't sound that bad, does it? Until you consider that's EVERY DAY for 30 days. I'd be lucky to write 50,000 original words on a novel in an entire year. So this is something new for me. Basically, I have to do a few things and make a few adjustments:

- completely turn off my inner editor - yeah, damn you!
- completely unleash my muse
- keep a tight writing schedule (good luck, pal)
- either write with a detailed outline, or completely at the seat of my pants and see what turns out (guess which approach I'm taking?)

Whether I succeed or not, I think it's a good exercise to do something different, and to change how I normally write. A) I'm a horrible perfectionist and my inner editor just won't leave; B) my muse comes and goes as she pleases; and C) I'm lazy and spontaneous and I hardly keep a strict schedule. It's gonna be REALLY interesting.

The problem is, I can't write every day, even if I try to. I already know I'll have problems keeping up with the daily schedule. I have two other projects (acting related) schedule for November. Then there's Thanksgiving and spending time with my family. Plus a few sick days here and there. So I'm trying to write as much as possible on a "good day."

Then again, whether I succeed or not, I think it's a good thing. I've been thinking of participating for a few years now, but it never worked out. This year, the timing is just write. I just finished my WIP, which is waiting on betas' feedback. And I'm itching to start on a new novel. I have no excuse, but much to gain. If nothing else, NaNo is going to give me a head start.


cindystubbs said…
Some people do better when they just write fast, it's supposed to stop that internal voice that says your writing isn't any good. It's a great thing I think!
yencheam said…
I just came across your blog when I was searched on Google "components of a novel." I am a senior in college and am currently student teaching juniors/seniors in high school. I love some of the stuff you have written! Great job, I look forward to reading more and I think you have hooked me on reading your books! Good luck with your 1,667 words today :)

Ray Wong said…
Cindy: true that... I am learning to type really fast. It's kind of like when people run around doing things really fast so they don't have time to sit down and feel depressed... LOL

Hi Audrey! Thanks! Do comment on anything you find interesting or have questions about...
Anonymous said…
More words. :)
June Kramin said…
I started a new WIP on the 2nd & almost did NaNo for the 1st time. I decided I didn't want the extra site to go to. We'll have to word war it out of FB, love. :)
Ray Wong said…
I am still deciding what my next WIP should be... the Nano one was a nice diversion, but not something I was really passionate about writing.

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