There's no such thing as perfection.

Do you think the first thing Hemingway wrote and published was perfect?

Do you think everything Leonardo da Vinci did was perfect?

Do you think Picasso didn't draw and sell crap?

Do you think you can get to the moon without first escaping many "failures" first?

Do you not find it amazing that Thomas Edison "failed" over 2000 times before he invented the light bulb?

There's a lot to say about "finishing something" and "sending it off." The rest is NOT up to you.

Writing is an on-going process. Once you're done with a piece, let it go. Send it out. Do whatever YOU can do to make it a success. But if it doesn't (and a lot is out of your control), forget it. Move on to something else. Writing is a "life," not a "moment."


Anonymous said…
I think u really make writing as a living of ur life. I may assume u truly are an author the way u used words. I just want to say that sometimes writing do'nt cost perfection. Writing is a sudden momentum which is a rare system that goes on our thoughts and is,for me, immediately cosidered as success. Your writing does not meant to be seen or read by everybody else but the fact that you did it with ur own skill,thats already a success.=)

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