A Rant

"What about the good, the talented and the truly deserving? Some make it. But in this society, too often, they're left hung out to dry."
-Emil Guillermo, radio and TV commentator and the author of "Amok: Essays From an Asian American Perspective," winner of an American Book Award.

In Emil Guillermo's commentary, he blasted the William Hung's phenomenon as feeding the racist stereotype of Asian men.

It's ironic that he used "hung" in the closing as a punchline, don't you think? By the way, William's last name is pronounced "H-own" (like "own" with an "h") and not "hung."

I think they're overreacting. If I'm not mistaken, it's the Asians who really pushed William to stardom... every website, etc. I see was built by Asian fans, girls in particular. So are we saying that Asians themselves are racist against themselves?

Could be.

Of course William is a mockery -- bad hair, bad teeth, bad clothes, bad talent with a GREAT personality. That's his draw, not because he is Asian and sings badly. There are many other bad, not-very-good-looking Asian singers on that show -- we've seen them on TV -- but none went through the roof like William. Care to explain why?

So what if Hollywood is not fair. What's new? And it's funny to hear his "testimonies" from Asian actors (and mostly males) themselves... can I say sour grapes?

Can I say sour grapes again?

It's not to say I'm immune to all this. I, too, felt a little jealous, but at the same time, I am happy for William. My time will come, in any media (books for the moment). I'm not delusional to think that I will be "the first Asian-American to win an Academy Award Best Actor in a US film" -- what a bunch of ego crap. It seems like only those "aspiring" actors/singers have problems with this phenomenon. And to fear that William Hung will become the archetype of Asian actors is just bullshit. Hollywood is not stupid. Sure, they're still looking for the next Jackie Chan or Samuel Hung, but don't blame it on William.

William's popularity is all about his attitude, his sincerity and his smile. Hollywood is about image, and I'm not talking about the image of an Asian Buckwheat. I am talking about the image of a self-effacing, good-natured, totally unpretentious guy who is just happy. And his happiness is infectious. I sure hope that fame and fortune do not corrupt him, but for now, I think he is the real thing. Who cares if he can't sing? How many pop/rock stars can really sing these days? And how many of them are fake products of pop culture?

At least William seems genuine.



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