Bad Blogger

Yah, that's me. I'm such a bad blogger. I log on every day and I close the window without entering anything, because -- my mind always draws blank. I have absolutely nothing witty, intelligent, or topical to say. I have decided that I'm a boring person, and I'm going to join the American Boring People Association (ABPA) tomorrow.

I'm amazed by how many bloggers are out there, and how much they have to say about themselves and the world around them. Incredible, interesting, insightful, silly things.

And here I am -- all I could think about is what kind of soup I ate this afternoon.

That's it.

Here's my application to ABPA:

Name: Do I. Matter?
Address: 100 Main Street, Anytown, USA.
Phone: 555-555-5555
Interests: If I had any I wouldn't be here.
Occupation: HA HA. HA HA HA. HA HA. HA HA ha ha... hee hee... hoo... Writer
Hobbies: Didn't you ask that already?
What do you do for fun? Really, this is getting old.
Do you blog? I try.

OK, I guess I'll have to finishing filling that in tomorrow.

night night


jason evans said…
Congratulations on The Pacific Between! I knew from the AbsoluteWrite crew that it was due out soon, and I just saw that Joanne did a review.

I wish you great success with it!
paintbrushpoet said…
PFFFFT! If I had a life I wouldn't be on your blog so often. Just kidding. Oh by the way, I ordered YOUR BOOK! It should arrive next week. Do you have any autographed stickers? PM me.
Ray Wong said…
Jason, thanks!!!

Paint: great! Yeah, send me an email with your address and I'll send a bookplate to you.
Unique said…
How about you fax me an application to the Boring Society - I thought I was reading my own post there for a minute.

How's this: Unique said, 'I saw Ray. He wasn't doing anything.' Ray said, 'I saw Unique, she wasn't doing anything, either.'

We can be boring together. :p
Ray Wong said…
We'll definitely get in. ABPA beware!

Hey, Unique, I saw you today.
Jen said…
I am a charter member of the ABPA. Your application has been approved. Welcome to the club. :)
Ray Wong said…
I think ABPA needs a membership drive...

p.s. my word verification is "lay jo" -- Hi Joanne! :)
Jen said…
But if ABPA had a membership drive, we wouldn't be so boring anymore. It would ruin the novelty of it all.
Suzanne said…
So, what kind of soup did you have?! Is this topic supposed to be a cereal?
Dawno said…
None of the above was the least bit boring. You guys are gonna lose your memberships :-)

Hey, Ray - I'm tagging you for the Oscars meme on my blog. Now you have something to post ;-)

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