A fan mail?

I think I just got a piece of fan mail. Sure, my friends have told me things, but I still think they were just being nice to me, not wanting to hurt my feelings. ;) It's just nice to receive an encouragement from someone I don't really know well, and that is reassuring (for a new, inexperienced writer like me, I'll take any validation I can get):

Finished the book this weekend. It was a wonderful
read! I really enjoyed the Hong Kong descriptions.
Having made the recent trip, the book's settings felt
very familiar.

But I have to say...I hope Greg wasn't too
autobiographical, he was a bit of prick. He could
have saved himself a couple of trips overseas if he
just would have known who "the one" was.

Congratulations. I really look forward to reading the
next one.

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Cool piece of mail; right on!

Ray Wong said…
Thanks, Sean. Any fan mail is good mail.

Dawno said…
How wonderful! Although I didn't think Greg was so much a pr!ck as someone who needed to grow up a bit - which I think he admirably did over the course of the book - and that was one of the cool themes that kept me enchanted to the end.
Ray Wong said…
Yeah. But I think what some readers have problem with Greg is that he's not a typical "romantic hero." I think if people expect to read a great romantic story, they would be disappointed by him. I don't know. I have heard some of my readers saying things like, "I really like the book, but I don't like Greg." I don't mind, actually, because I know Greg is not something you can fall for easily. I didn't write him that way. But it's funny how some people just didn't like him because, perhaps, they were expecting a dashing hero to save the day. :) ?
September said…
That's great! I always loved fan mail.

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