Finding Inspiration in Dreams

I had a most peculiar dream last night. I dreamt that I was at a dinner party, and suddenly someone was muttering some gibberish words made of letters spelled backwards, etc. At first no one knew what went on, then later we figured that they were codes, and in the future, people would search the archive or their memories for these clues and use them to change history.

It doesn't make sense, you say. Don't ask me. But if you can write a story based on this premise, go for it.

Part of the reason why I believe I should be a fiction writer is that I dream in stories. I don't dream personal anecdotes or snippets of memories. I dream in grand, epic stories in which I'm don't always take part -- meaning, I don't usually dream in first person. My dreams appear in scenes, complete with crane shots and soundtracks. They're bizarre, fantastical.

I know I should keep a notepad and pen on my night stand but I don't. Besides, I've tried writing down my dream the minute I woke up, and the results were often nonsensical gibberish that would make David Lynch proud. I still remember the one I had when I was about 19 -- a SF&F epic that would shame Dune in the absurdity department. I never wrote that. In fact, I never wrote any stories based on my dreams. I write literary crap, for crying out loud. What these dreams tell me, though, is that I have a vivid imagination ready to be unlocked. I really should tap into that and start exploring fantasies. I think my brain is trying to tell me something.


Unique said…
Your dream means that soon you will be involved in a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately for you, it will be real.

Good luck.
Ray Wong said…
It's called the Da Itchy Code?
Unique said…
Yes. But don't scratch - it will spread. ;)

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