James Kim

Rescuers are still searching for CNET's senior editor James Kim. He and his family had been missing for days, but his wife and two young daughters were recovered Monday. Apparently they got stranded while taking a vacation at a lodge in Oregon. The family reached a point where the road became impassable but couldn't turn around after the weather had worsened, then the car ran out of gas. James Kim left the family on Saturday to look for help.

That's just awful, a family's worst nightmare. And none of the world's gadgetry such as cell phones or GPS could help, and James should know about the technologies. If you're stranded in the middle of nowhere, only survival skills and instincts can save you.

Authorities are optimistic about finding James Kim. Even though the terrain is harsh and it can get bone-chillingly cold at night, James is a resourceful man, and I am confident that he will make it. Finding his family is a big boost in the rescue effort, for James can't be too far off the site, from his family. Let's just pray that they find him, alive and well, soon.


Sad news. I just Googled "James Kim" to find more information about his rescue effort, but only 20 minutes ago there was news about his death. He might have survived if he had stayed with the family (his wife and children were safe). But out of love for his family and desperation, he went searching for help without any survival kits or (probably) techniques in the cold, snowy mountains.

I've been watching James Kim on CNET Network for a while now and found him pleasant, informative, and knowledgeable. It's a great loss, and my heart goes out to his family, colleagues, and loved ones.

Please say a prayer for James and his family.


Julia said…
This news saddened me-- I, too, was keeping an eye on the updates. We're praying for his family.
Ray Wong said…
In the grand scheme of things, I believe that James Kim sacrificed himself to save his family, and that was what happened. A remarkable man. I really feel for his family. What a tragedy.

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