To those who have read my book and don't want to keep it, but don't know what else to do with the copy... I have a few "kind" suggestions (I laugh):

- Give it to someone else. We writers strive on word of mouth. I know, I am not JK Rowling and probably don't deserve any praise or mention, but help this small-time writer out. Give it away. A friend, a coworker, a relative. Anyone. Tell them it's a good book and they may enjoy it. Talk it up. Let them know the book exists.

- Leave it at a coffee shop or some place where people would pick up a book and read. Spread the word. Let them read it. You're not going to keep it anyway.

- Donate it to your local library. I think libraries are great places to discover new authors, and people who go to libraries love books. Give the book a good home.

- Give it to a book club or discussion/writers' group, if you know of one.

- Leave it on your coffee table and hope your friends and family will steal it.

Whatever you do, keep the book going around and getting read.




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