Life is Better When It's Fun

I like these eight principles of fun, and how to make life worthwhile to live. Yes, I procrastinate a lot, but I really do believe in finding the fun in everything you do, and not to take things too seriously. Some of it is harder to do ("Know yourself, you say?" and "Don't follow the rules" -- sounds good to me). Have a look:

Eight Principles.


That was interesting and true. One of these days I'll have to following the guidelines and forget the rules. :D

By the way, speaking of "eight", you've been tagged, Ray.
reality said…
Hello Ray,
I have followed you from AW. You were also kind enough to send me the first chapter of 'The pacific between' with comments.

I hope to be a regular here, as I have always found your comments helpful.
Ray said…
Hi Reality. Thank you and I hope you will revisit often.

Dawn Colclasure said…
This is great, Ray. Words to live by. I especially liked "don't wait for permission to do what you want to do."

I have tagged you over at No pressure, though. :) **hug**

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