Embarrassing yet Curiously Funny...

Early in the morning, I was at the business center at the hotel I was staying at, trying to check in my flight and print out the boarding pass. I had my MacBook with me so I figured I'd see if I could connect to the printer in the business center instead of using their PCs. 

There it is. So I connected to the printer and, to do a test print, I went to my website and printed the home page. I went to the printer and, to my dismay, realized the printer I'd sent my printout to was actually a printer in the manager's office. The one that was connected to the PCs wasn't networked. Oh well, so I ended up having to log on to one of those stupid Windows machines anyway.

I forgot about the whole thing.  Later in the evening, I got a voicemail. It was the manager. She asked me to call to confirm my check-out the following day. So I did, and when she answered, she said:

"Were you in the business center this morning?"
"Did you print something to our office printer?"
"Um, yeah, I was trying to network to your printer and print out my boarding pass."
"Oh, that's okay. I was just curious because I recognized your picture on that website."
"Um, sorry about that."
"It looks very impressive. I may have to order your book and read it."
"Um, that's so kind of you. Again, I'm really sorry."
"Don't worry. I just thought it was very interesting."

Ugh. I was so embarrassed I could crawl under the bed. She must have thought I was such a self-promoting jerk. And did she call my room just to tell me that?  I started to think I never ever got a call from the manager asking me to confirm my checkout. Good thing I didn't print anything that would incriminate me even worse.  I was just mortified.


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