I just ran into two most ignorant people at the gym. Gosh. Here's the conversation they had:

"Holy shit, do you know Sulu just came out?"
"Came out of what?"
"He's gay. He said he's gay. And he is going to marry his lover of 20 years."
"Who is Sulu?"
"You know the oriental guy on Star Trek? The one always stands there," he proceeded to squint his eyes and bow, "saying, 'yes, Captain Kirk. Yes, Captain Kirk.' He looked gay on the show."
"You mean he's a homosexual?"
"That's what I said. A homo. The oriental homo. You know those gun thing they have, what do you call them? Taser?"
"Yeah, laser. You know what Sulu is saying to Kirk, 'yeah, zap me, zap me.' He's gay."

All that while an, eh, "Oriental" guy was working out next to them.

It was kind of amusing for a while these two idiots talked about the "oriental homo." But it didn't last long. I got sick to my stomach and had to leave.


Pink Ink said…
I experience that some, too, being an Asian-American, people talking about minorities in a condenscending way. Not often, fortunately. I just let the comments roll off my back although part of me wants to say, "Hey, watch it."
Ray Wong said…
Yeah, the subtle things we have to endure. Sometimes I do want to say something, but I don't want to create a scene. Besides, I don't think they'll get it.

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