Day 54

I think most writing falls in the "good" category -- at least the stuff I'm willing to pay for. They're like a good meal. Satisfying, delicious even, but not quite "fine dining." But I can eat that all the time, or at least often enough and not get sick of them, since they're really good. Good writing is like that: they are page-turners, and I love them, but I don't necessarily want to read them, like, the next day.

Then there's writing that is GREAT, which is like gourmet "fine dining" food. They're so rich and textured and complex and delightful and scrumptious and simply divine that the minute you put the forkful in your mouth, you're in culinary heaven. They're so creative, insightful, delicate, yet layered and amazing. But you know what? I can't eat that every day -- to do so would be to make the extraordinary ordinary. They are treats. They're for special occasions. Great writing is like that for me -- sometimes I can't even finish the book, because I read it so slowly; I savor every word. I marvel at the sentences and I dream about them. But I don't rush through them like a hearty pasta dish. I take my time. Whenever I feel being inspired, I take them out and read them again.

600 words, 22400 words total
311 days and 163100 words to go


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